Utterly Moving Words Final Animation    

 This is my final animation for my Utterly Moving Words project. The words I’ve chosen are a mixture of what I saw happening in the movie clip as well as bits of dialogue that I heard during the scene. Overall, I enjoyed this project as it was different to something I’d usually do.


Utterly Moving Words – Kinetic Typography

This is a short kinetic typography stop motion, that I helped make within a group. Our task was to create a moving piece, using a cardboard box as a ‘stage’ and a mobile app called ‘StopMotion Studio’. Continue reading Utterly Moving Words – Kinetic Typography

Utterly Moving Words: Typographic Workshop 

   Type Grids and Hierarchy.

This workshop involved us cutting out different hierarchy levels of text i.e. Title, subheading, body text. The exercise allowed for us to experiment with the arrangement of the text.

I think that this was great because I was able to very quickly rearrange the texts to find a variety of solutions and also the best ways to reflect the different levels of information.



CCS Visit: Whitechapel Gallery

   Today we visited the Whitechapel Gallery as part of our 3rd Miniblock. The gallery consisted of 6 big screens each playing clips from different video games.

It’s a video installation created by German artist, Harun Farocki (1944-2014), and it “offers an immersive meditation on how images are created and experienced.

Risograph Examples


Risograph produces results very similar to that of screen printing. Like screen printing, this method of printing only allows for one colour to be used at a time. I like this method of printing as it allows you to produce multiple coloured images in very a short amount of time.