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In Professor Kieron’s workshop, the class was shown a glimpse into the world of Zines. We looked at the relevance of them in both the illustration and the graphical design industry, and were also shown exactly how create one. We went on to discuss the various medias artists use within them, and how a pc can create or enhance a zine. Continue reading Zines


Collect what you see! – Visual Research

In the process of designing, collecting imagery and documenting every twist and turn the design process takes- helps it move it forward. Our minds are constantly absorbing information, impressions and images that spark ideas, makes us react and helps us make decisions. Continue reading Collect what you see! – Visual Research


What is a blog?

A blog is a regularly updated journal or diary that is created on the Internet. Blogs are typically written in an informal and conversational style. Originally, the primary uses of blogs were for people to write about their everyday life and day-to-day activities, but now blogs hold a wider range of interesting topics: from health and cooking to sports and news. Continue reading Blogging